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Download Hunters and Fishermen Permits and Licenses for Download

eMerges has been directly compiling the license and permits of hunters and fishermen for permitted or unrestricted users since 2000. We regularly update and capture a raw snapshot of the hunters and

Hunters and Fishermen LIstsHunters and Fishermen LIstsfishermen license and permits file from agencies across the U.S. who release the data. We then combine the current files with eight other files of older, but no longer publicly available list of hunters and fishermen. This new, larger file is then updated with new mailing addresses through the United States Postal Service change of address database. We deliver the refined, hybrid list of hunters and fishers to permitted or non-restricted users in a standardized Excel compatible format and at a reasonable price.

Customize a List of Hunter and Fishermen Permit Records

No matter the size of your group, we will create a precisely targeted and customized hunters and fishermen list specifically tailored for you. There are no emails in the hunters and fishermen lists. You may customize your list based on zip code, county, senior, junior, lottery, big game, fur, archery, migratory bird, small game, elk, deer, trout, blind, bear, moose and more.

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Hunter and Fishermen Permit Records

  1. Call (410) 353-6894 or email - data@eMerges.com
  2. Download your custom list of licensed hunters or list of fishermen permit holders within 60 minutes of paying.

We have compiled the US hunting and fishing permit file since 2001. Most of our hunting and fishing data is no longer publicly available. We can email your list or let you pick it up on the web. We usually provide the list in Microsoft© compatible format.

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More Than Just Hunter and Fishermen License Lists…

We like to offer you a lot of list options. We want to give you the list of hunters and fishermen that you need. For additional assistance, please email Data@eMerges.com or call us at 410/353-6894.